Zin Madness Shared By Two

Even though last week was a less hectic work schedule, work was still very busy. The pace was slower and the urgency dissipated, but the workload itself stayed the same. That, combined with the increase in temperature and humidity, left me feeling lazy when I got home. So, my week of wonderful after-work plans, both social and cooking, devolved into reading on the couch and making beef stir-fry because, I admit it, I was being lame. However, it was exactly what I needed. In an effort, though, to put some madness into my evenings, I opened the 2006 Folie à Deux Zinfandel.

I have several friends who recommended the Ménage à Trois Red as a regular, everyday wine and have asked for my thoughts on it. Instead of diving right in to the 3-grape blend (the wine is combination of Zinfandel, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes), though, I wanted to start with the main component—the Zinfandel. The 2006 Folie à Deux Zinfandel (winery, snooth) was a dark purple with flecks of ruby and visible legs. In general, it was a fairly straightforward Zin with black fruits—cherries and very ripe, juicy plums—followed by ground allspice and nutmeg both on the nose and in the mouth. The wine had a big body with a good amount of acidity.

Is this worth a glass after work? Sure…you won’t be drinking anything out of the ordinary, but you’ll definitely have a decent, reliable glass of wine. For $18, I actually would have liked a little more from this wine. It piqued my interest in the Ménage à Trois Red, which runs about $12, as I think this Zin would have a nice acidity to blend with ripe Merlot and some Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. However, it just wasn’t anything spectacular. Don’t misunderstand; this wine was good and something that is worth picking up if you see it. It just didn’t blow me away. If you have a bottle, pour yourself a glass with a juicy burger or Memphis BBQ. You won’t be disappointed.

Overall: 3 corks

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