Wine Club: Social Distancing with Mourvèdre

Hi wine friends…and Happy #WineWednesday! We have been diligently practicing social distancing in the A Glass After Work household, which has given me the opportunity to focus on my wine clubs. Today, I’m sharing my March 2020 Vasco Urbano Wine Co. Wine Club and tasting the 2016 HP Mourvèdre, which is a $42 red wine from the Livermore Valley in California. Cheers! 

The Vasco Urbano wine club send shipments 4 times a year — March, June, September, and December – and there are 12, 6, and 3-bottle membership options. The monthly cost depends on the wines included in the shipment, but usually it ranges from $95-$130.
You can watch previous Vasco Urbano Wine Club unboxings here:
Questions of the Day: 
  • How are you holding up with all of the changes going into place because of the pandemic?
  • Have your drinking habits changed?
  • What are you drinking?


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    I bought some local wine from a winery we were members of (until all this happened and we had to cut some costs). They were offering free shipping right now so I bought three bottles of their Pinot Gris. It’s SO good. Dry, crisp, tart, perfect for a warm day. Montinore Winery in Oregon.

    I am definitely drinking more and trying to curb that! It’s been a weird few weeks…

    • says

      oooh…I’m not familiar with Montinore. I’ll have to go look them up. A lot of the Virginia wineries are also doing similar things with shipping or discounts for buying 3, 6, or 12 bottles.

      And can’t say we’re curbing it, but there is definitely more drinking (and exercising) happening. Certainly a weird few weeks. Hope you guys are doing ok out in Oregon!

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      Thanks for stopping by, Juliavot. I hope you and your family are also doing well during this difficult time. Stay safe and healthy. Cheers!

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