Wine Chips Tasting & Review

Hi wine friends…and Happy #WineWednesday!  Today, I’m tasting, reviewing, and pairing the three varieties of Wine Chips — Manchego, Blue Cheese, and Smoked Gouda — with three different wines — the 2018 Hampton Water Rosé (which is a $20 rosé from France), the 2018 Domaine Durand Reserve Sancerre (which is a $20 Sauvignon Blanc from France), and the 2014 Ideology Oak Knoll Cabernet Sauvignon (which is a red wine from California). Cheers! 🍷

You can find my Simply Charmed Magnetic Wine Charms here (all three came from the “Napa Valley” set of 6, which is $16).

You can find my Govino wine glass, which is dishwasher-safe, shatterproof, reusable, and recyclable, here (this is an affiliate link).

Questions of the Day:

  •  Have you heard of Wine Chips? Have you tried them?
  •  What are your favorite wine snacks?


  1. Courtney says

    We have a friend who swears by salty potato chips to go with wine.
    I like anything that’s a small bite finger food that’s not messy.

    • says

      Interesting! I wouldn’t have thought about it much before this, although I really enjoy popcorn with wine, so I’m not sure why. And, yeah…these definitely leave some cheese residue on the fingers, but I just licked that off.

      • Jori says

        When I was in Italy last year, we would frequently be served potato chips with wine. The ruffle kind. No flavors. Sometimes they would also give you a few olives. In Italy they told us that you should never drink unless you have something to munch on.

        • says

          While wine can be enjoyable on it’s own, I definitely agree with the Italians that wine and food are so much better together. Interesting that they were serving ruffle potato chips with wine though. The saltiness, both in the chips and the olives, will keep you wanting to drink more. I find the potato chip and wine pairing very interesting though! Thanks for sharing.

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