Wine Blogging Wednesday #77 Wrap-Up: Lots of Glasses After A Bad Day At Work

Doing the Wine Blogging Wednesday wrap-up took me a little longer than expected because I wasn’t able to get the post up before Hubby and I left for vacation.  However, we’re back and I’m ready to jump back into blogging.

This WBW prompted not only blog posts, but also comments on Twitter, Facebook, and my blog.  So, without further ado, suggestions for “A Glass After a Bad Day at Work:”

  • Lisa from 110 Pounds and Counting commented on the initial WBW #77 post and suggested Trader Joe Coastal wines.  I haven’t had the chance to try one yet, but the conversation prompted me to pick-up a bottle of the Sauvignon Blanc!
  • Romance novelist Suzanne Ferrell shared on Twitter that she’s a White Zinfandel sort of girl, but that she would also consider a peach Bellini.
  • Wine lover Elizabeth DeHoff tweeted that she would open a Vinho Verde “because it’s light and refreshing and makes me happy!”
  • The Brix Chicks were clearly having a rough go of it.  Brix Chick Heidi had two bad days in a row to test out good wines for after a bad day.  While her philosophy is to grab something “pink with a screw cap for quick access, and chilled to cool me off (or down),” the bottle she opened after her first bad day didn’t do the trick.  After bad day #2, though, she opened the 2011 Quivira North Coast Rosé, which sounds like it hit the right spot.
  • Work was already giving Brix Chick Liza lots to drink about when WBW #77 was announced, so she was already into her 6-week experiment with the Ocatvin 3L Big House Red.
  • The Wine Predators had several thoughts on what to open after a bad day at work, and it sounds like Art Predator, Que Syrah Sue, Bacchus Schmacchus, Ima Zinner, and Annie AnyDay had quite the gathering to taste test all of the options.
  • Wine Muse was inspired by not just a bad day, but a bad week, and used WBW #77 as a chance to pop open some Ayala Zero Dosage Champagne.
  • Talk-A-Vino explained that he looks for four criteria in his “pick me up” wines—that the wine is ready to drink, familiar, has a great smell, and is, well, good.  He also shared four examples that fit the bill.
  • As someone who goes for the big, brooding wines after a bad day, I opened the 2008 Ottimino Rancho Bello Vineyard Zinfandel.

Several folks went outside the box and picked A Glass After Work that wasn’t actually wine, which was a lot of fun.

Thanks to everyone for participating!  You helped make my first Wine Blogging Wednesday a success.   I put together a WBW #77 board on Pintrest, this way you can keep these suggestions handy should a bad day at work strike.

Finally, Frank from Drink What YOU Like just announced Wine Blogging Wednesday 78 – Get Yo Viggy On!  So, you have until June 20th to get your hands on a bottle of Viognier for WBW #78.



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