White Malbec for Thanksgiving? The Vicentin Family Wines Blanc de Malbec

Hi wine friends…and Happy #WineWednesday! Today, I’m sharing the 2019 Vicentin Family Wines Blanc de Malbec, which is a $16 white wine from Argentina. This white wine is made using Malbec grapes, which are traditionally used for red or rosé wines, and would make the perfect addition to a Thanksgiving feast or a summer evening on the porch. Cheers!

You can find my Simply Charmed Magnetic Wine Charm here (my pumpkin is from the “Thanksgiving, Fall or Autumn” set of 7, which is $17).

Questions of the Day: 

  • Have you ever had a Blanc de Malbec?
  •  Have you ever had any other white wine that is made from what is normally otherwise a red wine grape?

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