True Blood Paired with The Art & Soul of Zin

*** I received this wine as a sample. ***

I’m clearly behind on my blogging because I realized that I’ve hardly touched on my Sunday evenings over the last month and a half.  Now, I know Sundays aren’t usually workdays for me, but Sunday nights are big wine nights in the A Glass After Work household, which is why Sunday night wines often make an appearance on the blog.

To begin with, Sundays are usually “errand” days.  Hubby and I brave the mass hysteria of two grocery stores, after which he prepares our produce for the week while I start the dreadful job of washing the laundry.  While the laundry is laundering, I will usually go for my “long slow run” of the week.  This summer has mostly been a short version consisting of about 4 or 5 miles, but after Labor Day, I’m returning to half marathon training mode.  After running, it’s back to laundry and an afternoon of blogging for me.  I try to set up my week’s blogs on Sunday, this way, if work is busy, I don’t have to worry about late nights at the office meaning missed posts on the blog.  While I tend to crave a beer right after my long runs, I will usually pop a cork  so that a wine can keep me company while I’m writing and reading some of my favorite wine blogs (and, let’s be honest, drowning the pain and sorry of my run).  Somewhere in the early evening, Hubby usually prepares dinner.  Everything is all wrapped up by 9pm, though, as Hubby and I are big fans of the HBO Original series of True Blood, Game of Thrones, and Boardwalk Empire.

The HBO shows bring an end to a long, busy day of preparing for the week, which in itself often leaves us just as worn out and makes me thankful for my glass or two of wine.  While I’ve usually open my wine while blogging or eating dinner, it is the prospect of this hour of escape that motivates my wine choice.  It’s also during this time that I really focus on both the wine and the TV show.

2009 Wine Guerrilla Adel's Vineyard Zinfandel

2009 Wine Guerrilla Adel's Vineyard Zinfandel

Back at the end of June, the fourth season of True Blood began.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know I was not only anxious for the new season, but also struggling with what wine to open in celebration.  You may have even seen this tweet: “Suffering from #TBWithdrawal, but tonight the new @TrueBloodHBO season starts! Question is, what #wine to pair it with. What r u drinking?”

I finally decided on the 2009 Wine Guerrilla Adel’s Vineyard Zinfandel (winery).  The wine was 100% Zinfandel and black as ink.  On the nose, there were cherries, pomegranates, plums, and cooking spices.  In the mouth, there were cherries, pomegranates, white pepper, nutmeg, and cocoa dust with raspberries on the finish.  The wine had a medium body and acidity with low tannins.

Is this worth a glass after work? It’s worth more than one!  What are you waiting for? At a suggested retail price of $30, this wine is the epitome of luscious and delicious.  The tag line for Wine Guerilla is that it’s “The art and soul of Zinfandel,” and as a confessed Zinfandel lover, this wine couldn’t have made me any happier.  It was the perfect partner as I blogged in the late afternoon; it paired beautifully with the soy-marinated steaks and steamed broccoli that Hubby made for dinner; and it was a sensuous partner while watching the season premiere of True Blood properly.

Question of the Day: Are you a True Blood fan? If so, what do you think of the season so far?  And, do you ever try to pair your wine with the show?

Suggested Retail Price: $30
Received as a sample.
Overall: 4.5 Corks


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