Tasting 6 Different Ciders…Are Any Good Thanksgiving or Christmas Options?

Hi everyone…and Happy #WineWednesday. Today, I’m tasting 6 different Eden Specialty Ciders, all of which I received as a sample and will hopefully be interesting options if you don’t want to serve wine or beer. While I talk a bit about Thanksgiving pairings, these Eden Heritage Ciders would be really nice with a holiday dinner, a football game, or sitting in front of the fire with friends. Cheers!

Cider mentioned in the video:
?2016 Cinderella’s Slipper Dry Still Cider (only available to club members, price unknown)
?Eden Dry Heritage Cider Brut Nature — $15
?Eden Dry Heritage Cider Extra Sec — $15
?Eden Heritage Cider in a Can
?Eden Imperial 11º Rosé — $15 
?Eden Vermont Ice Cider Cider Heirloom Blend — $25

Question of the Day: Are you a cider drinker or do you tend to gravitate towards other types of drinks? And, if you’re a cider drinker, do you have a favorite?

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