2016 Intrinsic Red Blend Wine Review for Washington Wine Month

Hi wine friends and happy Wine Wednesday!  March is actually Washington State wine month, and so I'm sharing one of the Washington wines from my recent Wine.com haul—the 2016 Intrinsic Red blend.   You can watch my YouTube video to get all my thoug … [Continue reading]

Celebrating Open That Bottle Night 2019 with Genium Celler Costers

Hi wine friends, and Happy Wine Wednesday!  The last Saturday in February is Open That Bottle Night (OBTN), so I wanted to share with you the wine I opened to celebrate—a 2005 Genium Celler Costers.  I’ve been holding onto this wine for 10 years, so i … [Continue reading]

10 Year Blogiversary: Celebrating with Coppola

Hi wine friends, and Happy #WineWednesday! It's hard to believe, but yesterday was my 10-year blogiversary.  To celebrate, I opened a Francis Coppola Winery Director's Chardonnay because my first wine review blog post was a Coppola wine (the 2006 … [Continue reading]