Mailbag Monday: Winery Visits?

Hi Alleigh—
I noticed that you don’t generally write reviews of vineyards.  Do you visit them?  Do you find that wines taste different at the winery than they do when you get the wine home?

I do occasionally visit the Virginia wineries, but admittedly not very often.  Hubby doesn’t drink, so while he will occasionally go to look at some of the other aspects of the winery or the grounds themselves, spending the day just visiting tasting rooms isn’t a lot of fun for him.

I’ve also gone wine tasting with my girlfriends, but, if I’m generally am more focused on whatever foolishness is going on while we’re all together than I am on tasting notes and photographs.  That’s not to say I never plan to blog when I go wine tasting with friends, as I have a blog post I’ve been meaning to write about a visit to Virginia’s Mediterranean Cellars.  I just don’t do it often.

As for the wine tasting differently in the tasting room than when opening the bottle at home, I find that happens to me a lot.  It will happen to me at parties or in restaurants, as well.  The festive atmosphere; the excitement of tasting something new; opinions flying around, subconsciously altering what I think all inevitably mean the wine is going to taste at least a little different at home.    Hopefully, it’s still something I enjoy, although I’ve been burned a few times because I bought wines that I thought were only mediocre in the tasting room.  That never works out well for me.  For the most part, though, if I liked it enough to buy it, I will generally enjoy it at home, even if it tastes slightly different.


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  1. Kami says

    I agree that your personal mood – which is obviously influenced by things like the festive atmosphere – has a huge effect on how the wine tastes. My dad said that he will remember drinking a great wine on a great night, but whenever he’s tried the wine again later it never lives up to his memory. I think that is generally true for me as well. You can’t recreate that moment.

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