Mailbag Monday: Wine Bloggers’ Conference?

Dear Alleigh:
I noticed you haven’t posted anything about this year’s Wine Bloggers Conference.  Are you going? 

Wine Tasting at WBC11 (Picture taking by Daane Studios)

Sadly, no.  I won’t be heading to the WBC12 in Portland.  My job has been too unstable for me to be able to make that type of commitment, and without being able to register in advance, I missed the opportunity because the conference sold out.  I’m definitely bummed I won’t be there, particularly as I watch the number of pre-conference tweets increase.  Unfortunately, though, there wasn’t much I could do.

It’s actually not the first Wine Bloggers’ Conference I’ve missed since I started blogging.  In fact, I seem to attend every other year, as I was at WBC09 in Napa & Sonoma and WBC11 in Charlottesville, but missed WBC10 in Walla Walla.  You know what that means, right?  WBC13 in Okanagan…watch out!

Thanks for emailing!  Cheers!

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    • says

      Lisa–You write about wine enough that you could definitely attend as a “citizen blogger,” which is about $100 for the three days…and I promise you, you will drink more than $100 worth of wine and eat more than $100 worth of food. Maybe you should start thinking about coming to The Okanagan in 2013…it will be fun, I promise!

  1. Courtney says

    I will accept this as your formal committment to WBC 2013 in the Okanagan. There’s no backing out now!

  2. Craig says

    Well, we aren’t going either for a similar reason (new job, not comfortable taking time off).

    But Okanagan? Sounds good…we haven’t been there since we went to Vancouver for a wedding a few years ago. Loved it!

    Maybe we’ll finally meet in person there…

    • says

      Congratulations on the new job! And while exciting, that definitely makes it difficult to go to Portland.

      At the end of WBC11, they said that the plan was to go to Okanagan in 2013, this way they had a little more time to plan on how to deal with the people, bringing in a lot of US wine, etc. It sounds like the wine board that has been incredibly receptive, so my hope is that it’s all coming together nicely and that they’ll announce final plans to head there in 2013.

      It would be great to finally meet in person! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for WBC13 🙂

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