Mailbag Monday: Wine Apps?

Dear Alleigh:
What iPhone wine apps do you use?

I have an Android phone, and there are a couple of wine apps that are only available on the iPhone.  In particular, I have my eye on the Snooth Wine Pro and am keeping my fingers crossed that they are planning an Android version.

That said, I have four wine apps on my phone (all of which are also on the iPhone), and I definitely use them all.

  1. VA Wine In My Pocket—Anyone planning to tour Virginia Wine Country should check out this app.  I’ve had a chance to share several glass of wine with Nancy Bauer, one of the apps writers. She is very passionate about Virginia Wine Country and did an amazing job putting together an app that not only covers the various VA wine trails, but also inns and restaurants along the way.
  2. Local Wine Events—This app has the best collection of wine events I’ve seen.  It uses GPS to find your location, and then will list all of the wine events in your area.  Each listing has detailed event information, including pricing.  The app has events taking place all over the world, not just in the U.S. and Canada, so wherever you travel, you can get up to date information on local wine events.
  3. Swirl Pro—Since I do a lot of wine tasting outside the condo, being able to keep track of my tasting notes on my phone is really important.  I used to just write notes in Gmail and then email them to myself, but this app keeps things a little more organized, all while using a 5 start rating system, suggesting pairings, and recommending other wines under $20.  Plus, it has picture capability, which is really nice for a photo-centric person like myself.
  4. Hello Vino—This is probably the app I use the least, but when I need it, I really need it.  For example, I occasionally find myself walking to the wine store on the way home from the Metro with no idea what wine to buy for dinner.  Hubby is good about telling me what he has planned, but that doesn’t mean I have a pairing planned. Hello Vino helps me get past the mental block and points me in the right wine direction.

And that’s pretty much it in terms of apps on the wine front.  My phone is an older Droid, so space is limited.  I’m sure once I upgrade to a new phone later this summer there will be plenty of new wine apps making their debut.

Question of the Day:  What wine apps do you love?

Thanks for emailing!  Cheers!

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