Mailbag Monday: White Wine Legs?

White Wine Legs on My Chardonnay

White Wine Legs on My Chardonnay

Dear Alleigh:
In your post about wine legs, you have a picture of red wine. Does white wine have legs?

This is an easier question for me to answer than it is for me to take a picture of, since the color of white wine legs make them very hard to capture, but yes, white wine can have legs too.  I am sorry the image is a little underexposed, but it was the only way to ensure getting a good look at the wine dripping down the side of the glass.

Big, drippy wine “legs” or “tears” tend to be more common in red wines because they tend to have a higher alcohol content, and the wine legs appear when the alcohol in the wine evaporates.  However, a noticeable exception are dessert wines, as they tend to have very big legs.

Thanks for emailing!

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  1. says

    Dear Alleigh;

    Does white wine have legs? For that character I think the wine has to be in it’s skins and pulp like Red wine after crush.

    For the full bodied Chardonnay to have legs do you rotate the grape juice with the pulp at the beginning?

    Will that produce legs?

    Also, does Chardonnay spend any time in an oak barrel?

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