Mailbag Monday: What About Beer?

Dear Alleigh:
I just found your blog, and I love it!  I noticed that you spend most of your time writing about wine but that you do have some posts about beer.  Why don’t you write more about beer?  I tend to like wine with food but beer as my general after work dink.  Do you have a favorite beer?

Hi…and welcome!  I love when new readers say hello and ask a question because it helps me learn about what you’re looking for.

Honestly, the reason I don’t write about beer very often is because I am not as confident in my beer tasting skills.  I love beer.  I always have beer in the refrigerator, and I probably choose beer after work instead of wine one out of every 3 or 4 times, so I have no problem on the beer drinking skills front.  Admittedly, I’m actually much snobbier about my beer than I am my wine.  All that said, though, while I feel that I can determine the quality of a beer fairly easily (probably because I’ve spent so much time studying alcohol) unlike with wine, I have difficulty verbalizing what it is that I like or don’t like about a beer.  That leaves me feeling a little insecure about my beer reviews because I try very hard to share my tasting experience in a meaningful way.

Since practice makes perfect, so my plan for 2013 was to write about beer more often.  In order to become more comfortable writing about beer, I’ve started reading more about it…while I’m drinking it, of course.  I’m also considering splurging on a beer tasting class so I can learn the nuances of what differentiates beer tasting from wine tasting, but I haven’t actually done that yet.  In the meantime, I just have to put aside my insecurities and implement the writing about beer more part of my plan.

As for my favorite beer, similar to my answer about my favorite wine…I don’t have one.  I definitely gravitate towards hoppy beers, so I usually choose a Pale Ale over a Wheat Beer, and often a Double IPA at that.  However, since I enjoy tasting and experimenting, I try not to limit myself too much.  There is one caveat, though.  I almost never choose a Stout or a Porter because they are just too think and heavy for me.

Thanks again for reading my blog and asking a question!

Question of the Day:  Do you enjoy drinking beer?  What style do you tend to prefer?


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