Mailbag Monday: The Bitch is Back, Baby

I received a bottle of the wine titled BITCH 2009. I was wondering where I can purchased a bottle or 2! I’d like to give them as gifts.  Also, are there other labels to choose from?  I believe I was told they have them at Stew Leonard’s, do all of them carry the product. Thanks!

I regularly look at my analytics to see how people learn about A Glass After Work, and some variation of “Bitch Grenache” or “Grateful Palate Imports” is usually in the top 5 results.  I reviewed the 2008 Bitch Grenache and enjoyed it.  It was even the topic of a recent Mailbag Monday because a reader asked whether the 2008 vintage was passed its prime.  So, it’s not surprising that I occasionally am asked where to buy a bottle of Bitch, particularly as we get closer to the holidays and wine drinkers are looking for fun holiday presents and hostess gifts.  Therefore, instead of just responding individually, I thought it would be a good Mailbag Monday topic.

Up until recently, I had to disappoint readers and tell them that the only Bitch wines out there were the ones already on the market because the R Wines (the producer) and Grateful Palate (the importer) were having some money troubles.  When the financial difficulties first hit the blogosphere, there was a lot of confusion.  Some reports said that it would be the end of the fun-labeled wines, while others said that both would emerge from the difficulties.  And then, for the last year, the rumors around the fate of Bitch and other R Wines labels were been mainly quiet…until now.

It looks like Bitch is back…or at least the 2009 Bitch Grenache is back with some changes.  The wine is made by the same winemaker (Chris Ringland) and has the same label, but it’s no longer an Australian wine.  The 2009 Bitch Grenache is a Spanish blend made out of grapes from the Aragón and Navarra regions.  I haven’t had a chance to taste it, so I can’t speak to the quality difference.

As for availability, previous vintages were widely available, but I’m not sure about the distribution for the 2009 vintage.  You should start seeing it pop up in stores, although when I checked Stew Leonard’s online wine store, it wasn’t listed as available.  If you have enough time and are in a state that allows wine deliveries, I recommend checking out Wine Chateau ($11.29).  And, for my British Columbian readers, it looks like BC Liquors carries it, so you’re in luck.

Unfortunately, I don’t see any new Bitch Bubbly, Boarding Pass Shiraz, First Class Shiraz, or Evil Cabernet on the market, so I’m not sure what’s in store for R Wines.  Hopefully, though, the Bitch release is a sign of future Ringland releases under the old labels.

And, readers, if you see in 2009 or later vintages in Bitch Grenache or in some of these other labels, please let me know. Clearly, these wines are right about A Glass After Work’s alley.


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  1. Courtney says

    Thanks for looking out for your Canadian readers and even giving me the link to the BC Government Liquor Stores where I can buy. Greatly appreciated!!!

    • says

      Courtney…sometimes it’s hard for me to find information about what’s available. However, as soon as I saw this, I couldn’t resist sharing with my loyal Canadian readers (I know there are a few of you out there!). Glad it was helpful!

    • says

      Darby…I love Grenache. Most of the time, I see it as a blend, and I don’t think that we see enough wine that has the grape on its own. I haven’t seen the Grenache Ambassador group, but I will check it out today! Thanks.

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