Mailbag Monday: My Thanksgiving Wine?

Dear Alleigh:
You posted Thanksgiving wine recommendations but never mentioned what you were serving.  What wine did you drink on Thanksgiving?

I’m hanging my head in shame, as I didn’t actually drink any wine with my Thanksgiving dinner.  Hubby and I spent the holiday at my in-laws, and since I do the driving, that means no drinking for me.  We talked about going to a friends for an “after-family” Thanksgiving party, but by the time we got home, it was just too late.  However, I did open a 2008 Michel-Schlumberger Maison Rouge (winery) to go with the Turkey Day leftovers we had, and it was the perfect pairing.

2008 Michel-Schlumberger Maison Rouge

2008 Michel-Schlumberger Maison Rouge

The wine is a blend of several Rhone Valley varietals, plus a few other red grapes thrown in.  It had a deep ruby color.  On the nose, there were cherries and raspberries.  In the mouth, there were cherries, raspberries, and blackberries mixed with a hint of thyme and earth.  The wine had a medium body and acidity.  It needed to breathe a little, but with enough air, it was nicely balanced.

Is this worth a glass after work? Definitely!  If you see this wine in the store, grab it; you won’t be disappointed.  At $25, this wine was the perfect pairing for Thanksgiving leftovers and the second day in a row of having a food coma.  Admittedly, the wine lasted only as long as the leftovers, which is to say not very.  I guess, though, that’s a sign of how much I enjoyed both!

Question of the Day: I know Thanksgiving is behind us, but what wine did you serve and how did it work out?  Anything noteworthy that you can recommend?

Price: 25
Purchased at Michel-Schlumberger Winery
Overall: 4 Corks


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    Michel-Schlumberger was one of our favorite wineries in Sonoma! Unfortunately, they don’t ship to Tennessee, but we have a Cab that we smuggled back just waiting to be opened. I love the sound of this wine, and I don’t remember tasting anything like it. I bet it was a delicious Thanksgiving pairing.

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