Mailbag Monday: Wine Gifts Under $25?

Dear Alleigh—
Do you have suggestions for hostess gifts that are under $25 and wine related, but not wine?

Usually I bring two bottles of wine (one white and one red), so nothing like asking me a hard question!  In all seriousness, bringing wine to someone’s house can actually be very difficult, but some of there are still ways to let a wine-loving host or hostess know that you’re attune to their interest.  Here are 8 ideas that I came up with as fun hostess gifts:

Fun wine charms
Anyone who enjoys entertaining and serves wine to guests can always use more wine charms.  Depending on how well you know your host/hostess and how much time you have to buy the gift, it might be fun to search out more personalized charms on sites like Etsy.  They have some great ones with the Redskins (or other NFL team) logo or that add to the Christmas cheer.

Fun wine bottle stoppers
While the sign of a good party is having finished all the wine, it’s always nice to have funky wine stoppers to display while guests are still working on the bottles.  So, bringing a wine stopper that is a little different could be a nice addition to even the best host/hostess’ stash.

A Wine Soiree ($20)
A big, bold red can tastes better when it has a chance to breathe, but it can often be difficult to decant a wine in the middle of a party.  There are many different aerators on the market, but the Wine Soiree is my favorite.

The Corkcicle ($22)
I haven’t tried The Corkcicle, but I’m intrigued by it.  There are few things as frustrating as wanting to service a wine only to realize that you forgot to chill it.  The Corckcicle solves the problem without running the risk of watering down the wine.

Cork saver cage ($23)
Some people like saving the corks from special bottles of wine, and a cork cagecork cage would be the perfect way for your host/hostess to do just that.

Wine Cork Candles ($22) or Wine Bottle Oil Lamp Kit ($17)
Some wine bottles have artistic labels and some people have wine bottles from wines that have special meaning.  With either the cork candles or the oil lamp kit, those bottles can be turned into romantic lighting or could provide fun atmosphere for an in-house bar.

Don’t Break the Bottle Wine Puzzle ($24)
If you’re looking for a fun, and potentially frustrating, way to present a bottle of wine to your host/hostess, brining the wine to a party in a wine puzzle could provide both hours of amusement AND a bottle of wine when the puzzle is finally complete.

Decorative Wine Holder ($23)
There are a lot of different wine holders or wine caddys out there, particularly if you’re hitting the winter craft markets.  However, you don’t have to go to a craft fair to find ones that your host/hostess will enjoy.

Hopefully, these ideas will help point you towards something that your host/hostess will enjoy.  And readers, if you think I left something off the list, I’d love to hear your suggestions!


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