Mailbag Monday: Half Bottles?

 Hi Alleigh—
I’m a school teacher from California.  I’m single and live alone, so most of the time I have open wine I have to drink it myself.  I just noticed that my Whole Foods carries small wine bottles.  What do you think of buying those instead of a full bottle? 

 P.S.  I love your blog!

First, thanks for the blog love!

Second, I am a fan of half bottles.  Since your question came in last week, it’s been on my mind because it made me realize that even though I love half bottles, I almost never review them.  In fact, on Saturday, I actually brought it up in a conversation with a wine PR friend of mine.  I’m not sure why I don’t look for them more often, but clearly it’s something I need to work on.

As for the idea of half bottles themselves, I think they’re perfect for someone who is drinking alone or for two people whom really only want one glass of wine.  As Hubby doesn’t drink, I often find myself drinking alone and half bottles are certainly a good option for me both at home and at a restaurant.  Unfortunately, though, the local wine stores I tend to frequent don’t have many half bottle options, so it’s something I have to consciously search out.  Additionally, most of the restaurants in my area don’t offer half bottle options, or if they do, they’re not usually wines I’m interested in. That said, when Hubby and I go to a restaurant just the two of us, I check the half bottle wine list first because, as long as there is a wine I want to drink, I will always order a half bottle instead of buying wine by the glass.

So, that’s my long way of saying, don’t shun the half bottles just because they’re smaller.   They’re simply that…smaller versions of the wine you would get in a larger bottle, so if you see a half bottle that interests you, definitely grab it.


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