Mailbag Monday: Frankenstorm Stash?

2010 Trivento Reserve Malbec and Original Sin Hard Cider

2010 Trivento Reserve Malbec and Original Sin Hard Cider

Dear Alleigh:
I know you’re in the middle of where Hurricane Sandy is going to hit and I was wondering what wine you stocked up on? 

Fabulous question!  As you clearly knew, I made sure to prepare for the Frankenstorm 2012.  In addition to make sure that the candles were easy to find, the lighter was next to the candles, the flashlight had batteries, and all of our electronic devices were charged, I put my storm stash in an easy to find place.  Since it’s fall and I’m developing a newfound love for hard cider, I grabbed a a 6-pack of Original Sin Hard Cider this weekend.  I also wanted a full-bodied red wine to keep me warm, so I put aside a bottle of 2010 Trivento Reserve Malbec.  I do have other wines in my wine fridge, as well as some New Belgium Brewing Company Red Hoptoberfest should this adventure last longer than a couple of days, but I have my eye on the hard cider and the Malbec.

In all seriousness, I hope my East Coast readers are someplace warm and dry.  It looks like we’re in for a rough 48 hours,  so stay safe.  And, if you have a good storm story or pictures to share, I’m sure we’d all love to see and hear how you’re doing.

Question of the Day: What’s in your storm stash?


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    My storm stash is pathetically low. Although, Costco has started carrying giant sized bottles of a really good Washington Wine (Two Vines) so that’s good to have on hand!

    My brother lives in Philly. I’ve been obsessively checking CNN and all day long. Stay safe everyone!

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