Mailbag Monday: Christmas Presents for Wine Lovers?

Dear Alleigh:
A couple of weeks ago you shared ideas for wine gifts under $25.  Can you share Christmas gift ideas for a wine lover that might be a little more expensive?

Absolutely…basically, this is my wine wishlist, so for anyone looking to buy me a present, look no further!  Seriously, I’m not sure what your price range is, so I kept the ideas under $500.  I included a range, though, so hopefully this list will help spark some ideas.

Magazine or Website Subscription ($25-$50)
While there’s no question that drinking wine is the ultimate way to enjoy it, there is also a lot to be said for reading about wine.  Not that all wine choices should be guided by magazine or website recommendations, but they shouldn’t be ignored either.  So, a subscription to Food & Wine, Wine Spectator, or Purple Pages might be a fun way for your wine loving gift recipient to learn a more about new wines.

A Wine Club Membership (usually starting at $50)
If you know what winery the person likes, buying them a wine club membership could be a wonderful present.  Wineries will often send exclusive wines to their members, so this could be a chance for your gift recipient to not only get a regular supply of a favorite wine, but also taste some wines that s/he wouldn’t taste otherwise.  I’ve been eyeing the two-bottle one from Michel-Schlumberger, but almost every winery has one.  You could also do a state-focused club like the California Wine Club or the Virginia Wine of the Month Club.

A Chateau Laguiole Corkscrew ($160)
There are corkscrews and then there are corkscrews, and this my friends, is a corkscrew.  Each one is custom-made, and many consider the Chateau Laguiole Corkscrew to be the finest out there.  I’m a fan of the red stamina wood handle, but they come with a variety of difference handles.

A Riedel Amadeo Decanter ($340)
The decanter is actually named in Mozart’s honor, and just like the maestro’s works, this handmade, mouth-blown leaded crystal decanter is a true piece of art.  While it’s fine to use an aerator for the everyday glass after work, the Amadeo Decanter is elegant and would be perfect to use during a dinner party, for a special occasion, or when your gift recipient wants to open that bottle of wine s/he has been saving.

EuroCave SoWine Home Wine Bar ($400)
The wonderful thing about this system is that it preserves and chills two bottles of wine.  Admittedly, I haven’t tried the unit, so I don’t know if their claims that the wine is good for 10 days is true, but even if it keeps the wine at a good temperature and drinkable for more than 5 days, it will be doing better than most.


And readers, if you have any suggestions for “big” presents, please share. I’m sure that all of us who left our holiday shopping to the last minute will appreciate it! Good luck shopping!


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