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Virginia wine month passed by very quickly, particularly as I’m the only one in the “A Glass After Work” house that drinks wine.  Between tasting and finishing the bottles I purchased, heading to Dezel from My Vine Spot’s place for the “Discover Monticello” Twitter Taste Live, and settling into my new job, the month was almost over before I knew it.  Hubby and I had grand plans of pumpkin picking at Great Country Farms and then stopping by Bluemont Vineyards for a tasting, but it never happened.  Instead, the weekend that we were supposed to go, we ended up on a fall shopping trip for some “new job” clothes that turned into an all-day extravaganza.  That’s what happens when both husband and wife enjoy shopping.  However, as I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to taste a new Virginia wine, Hubby and I stopped at a local wine store to grab a bottle before relaxing for the evening.

2006 Lovingston Estate Reserve

The 2006 Lovingston Estate Reserve (winery) is a blend of 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc grapes and it had a nice, deep purple-ruby color. On the nose, there were berries, plums, leather, smoked meat, cedar, and a touch of vanilla and nutmeg.  In the mouth, there were similar flavors, although they were subtler than the aromas on the nose.  The wine had a medium body and acidity, with soft tannins. It’s a very small production, with only 50 cases produced.

Is this worth a glass after work? Definitely!  If you see this wine in the store, grab it; you won’t be disappointed. At $22, this wine had characteristics that showed its age in a well-balanced way.  After a shop-til-you-drop day, the wine was great for putting up my feet and relaxing without having to think too much.  It was an ok pairing with the pizza that Hubby and I ordered for dinner, but that was probably not the best choice on my part.  There was some sediment in the wine, and while I didn’t decant it, I should have.  If you buy a bottle, you may want to consider doing so.

Price: $22
Purchased at: The Curious Grape
Overall: 3.5 corks

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