Lost Canyon Pinot Noir Should Be Found

*** I received this wine as a sample. ***

2009 Lost Canyon Pinot Noir BW CloseupTo say that the last month has not gone the way I planned would be an understatement.  Rather than go into all of the gory details, I’ll just leave it at the I hurt myself last winter.  I think it was from cross-training with kettle bells while preparing for another half marathon, but there is no way to know for sure.  I never ran the half and did everything possible to heal, but ended up having hip surgery in March, which explains my absence.  At least I feel like I’m in good company, as A-Rod and Lady Gaga both had the same surgery earlier this year.  Anyway, I’m on the road to recovery, although I’m still off wine for a little longer, as I’m not sure how well it would mix with my crutches.  That said, I have some catching up to do on wines I tasted, but didn’t have a chance to share, so here goes…

2009 Lost Canyon Morelli Lane Vineyard Pinot Noir

2009 Lost Canyon Morelli Lane Vineyard Pinot Noir

The 2009 Lost Canyon Morelli Lane Vineyard Pinot Noir (winery, amazon) is from the Russian River Valley in California and is made with Pinot Noir grapes.  The wine was a medium-to-dark ruby with hints of orange on the rim.  In the mouth, there were red plums, strawberries, rhubarb, and cherries with hints of black dirt, cedar, and bay leaves.  In the mouth, there were strawberries, rhubarb, and red licorice, with hints of cedar, mushroom, earth, and allspice.  The wine had a high acidity, medium-to-high tannins, and a medium body.

Is this worth a glass after work? It’s worth more than one!  What are you waiting for?  At an SRP of $45, this wine is probably a little expensive for a weekday glass after work, but if you’re looking for something a little more expensive to settle into on a Friday night, this is definitely a wine to consider.  I opened it on a cold Saturday at the beginning of January and spent the late afternoon and early evening just sinking into it and an evening of talking with Hubby while knitting a pair of plush, handmade socks.  The great mix of fruit and earthiness gives this Pinot a surprising complexity that, when combined with the slightly heavier body, was perfect for my evening in.

Suggested Retail Price: $45
Received as a sample.
Overall: 4.5 Corks


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      I had a hip labral tear that my doctor thinks was caused by a combination of having a cam Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) and doing kettle bell swings, which I was doing as part of my cross-training. Anyway, the doc fixed both the tear and the impingement. He said it will be 3 months before I can even do 1-minute walk/run intervals, so rehab will take awhile, but what I really hear in that is I will be able to run again!

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