Interrupting This Program…

I’m traveling for the next week and will have limited Internet access while I’m away. As soon as I return, I start The Wine Academy of Spain’s3-day Certified Spanish Wine Course, courtesy of CataVino and their Spanish Wine scholarship. I’ve been excited about this since winners were announced in June. So, it’s an exciting 10 days, and I hope to have a lot to share when I return. Until then…






  1. ann miller says

    Dear Alleigh,
    I hope you are having a good vacation. It feels good to unplug, no?

    I had a rough day at work today – so bad that I found myself making a list of "People I Can't Stand" (!) I am drinking Trueblood Syrah because a) it has 16.2% alcohol and b) it was what I had on hand.

    What do you recommend for a day after work when you nearly go off the rails?

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