Friday Night Zin

*** I received this wine as a sample. ***

Last Friday was one of those days where I hardly spent any time at my desk.  My morning started with meetings, followed by a work lunch, and ended with another marathon of meetings.  It was the perfect type of day because it was busy, but not chaotic.  It flew by, but it was also productive.  After a day like that, the fact that I was actually able to leave at 5pm made things even better.  By the time Hubby got home, I already had decided to skip yoga in favor of sinking into my book and a bottle of Zinfandel.

2007 Chatom Vineyards Zinfandel

The 2007 Chatom Vineyards Zinfandel (winery) was a deep ruby with flecks of garnet throughout.  On the nose, there were baking spices, blueberries, and blackberries with a hint of chocolate.  In the mouth, there were blackberries, blueberries, nutmeg, all spice, and white pepper with a hint of chocolate.  The wine was full bodied with big tannins, high acidity, and high alcohol.

Is this worth a glass after work? Definitely!  If you see this wine in the store, grab it; you won’t be disappointed. At a suggested retail price of $19, this wine offers a lot of bang for its buck.  It definitely needs time to breathe, otherwise, the alcohol can be a bit overpowering.  But with a little patience, this is a big, juicy wine that paired perfectly with the big, juicy cheeseburgers that Hubby made for dinner.  It was enjoyable well into the evening, as I continued drinking it on its own as I read my book.  I couldn’t have asked for a better end to an all-around good day.

Suggested Retail Price: $19
Received as a sample.
Overall: 4 Corks


  1. robert says

    Just first found out about your blog through Snooth.

    Isn’t the Chathom awesome, especially for the price?

    It is big.

    Not even that well known here in California.

  2. says

    Robert–I’m glad you saw the Snooth write-up and stopped by. I had never had Chathom before, but this was an incredibly enjoyable and surprising wine. I’ve had two other wines from their vineyards, and both of them were also good. The Zin, though, was my definitely my favorite.

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