“Flesh and Fire” Paired With A Pinot

*** I received this wine as a sample***

Over the weekends, I tend to drink wine at restaurants more often than I drink wine in the condo.  However, between the rainy weather and Hubby recovering from living the rockstar-lifestyle of happy hours that go late into the night and an overnight trip to Atlantic City, neither of us was interested in venturing too far on Sunday.  Instead, it was the perfect opportunity for me to make progress on my latest book, Flesh and Fire: Book One of The Vineart War by Laura Anne Gilman—a fantasy novel about magic and wine—and enjoy my last bottle of Willamette Valley Vineyards Pinot Noir.

2006 Willamette Valley Vineyards Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir

The 2006 Willamette Valley Vineyards Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir (vineyard, snooth) was a light-to-medium ruby, but with a brightness to it that was stunning.  On the nose, there were big, ripe berry flavors, although they were a surprising mix of red and black fruits—strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry—followed by a touch of vanilla, cloves, and moss.  In the mouth, there were cherries, cocoa, earth, and a touch of black pepper and cinnamon.  The wine had a bright acidity and medium tannins.

Is this worth a glass after work? Definitely!  If you see this wine in the store, grab it; you won’t be disappointed. Of the several sample bottles of Pinot Noir that Willamette Valley Vineyards sent me, the 2006 Estate Vineyard was my favorite.  Not that I wouldn’t drink the other Pinots, as I definitely would, but this wine maintained the classic, wonderful characteristics of a Pinot Noir, while also offering a touch of uniqueness that made it stand out among the rest.  The wine was warm and ripe, without being overbearing or jammy.  It was food friendly, although I preferred to drink it on its own while reading my book, this way I could really sink into the flavors of both.

Overall: 4 Corks


  1. Robert Burden says

    I was excited to see that you got a chance to review these wines—you did a wonderful job. Carey and I were able to visit the folks at WVV a few weeks ago—we still have a post in the works about our visit—and had the most amazing time. No doubt an impressive winery, and they really have done an incredible job keeping their prices approachable.

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