First Wine Sips of Spring

*** I received this wine as a sample. ***

Two weeks ago the weather in DC went from warm-for-winter to hot-like-summer.  Granted, this gorgeous weather coincided with a particularly busy time at work, so I spent much of the week grinding away on a project while looking longingly out the windows at the sunshine and cherry blossoms.  It always seems more difficult to be a responsible, productive adult at work when the project is stressful and outside looks so perfect.  Before leaving for work one day, Hubby had thankfully opened the windows in our condo, and since our dining room is actually our unit’s sunroom, we at least had fresh air and the sounds of Spring to accompany our dinner.  Feeling the call of the warmer weather, I decided it was time to start opening up “warm weather wine.”

2010 Lucien Albrecht Gewurztraminer Reserve

2010 Lucien Albrecht Gewurztraminer Reserve

The 2010 Lucien Albrecht Gewurztraminer Reserve (winery) was a medium yellow.  On the nose, there were flower bouquets mixed with nectarines and honeydew.  In the mouth, there was honey, the syrup from canned mandarin oranges, and flowers mixed with a touch of honeydew, nectarines, and ginger on the finish.  The wine had a medium body and like-like acidity.

Is this worth a glass after work? Sure…you won’t be drinking anything out of the ordinary, but you’ll have a decent, reliable glass of wine.  At an SRP of $15, this wine is a solid, affordable choice.  It is a nice after work wine, particularly as the weather gets warmer.  Unfortunately, I made a bad pairing decision and drank this wine with baked garlic and dill flounder and couscous cooked in a white wine.  The bottle suggests drinking it with a curry dish, which I agree would be a nice pairing, and significantly better than the one I put together.  However, I feel like this is more of a sip and nosh wine than an all out dinner wine.  It would be a great with cheese or just relaxing for an hour or two with a book.

Question of the Day: Does the weather change your wine drinking decisions?  If so, have you started drinking your “Spring wine?”

Suggested Retail Price: $15
Received as a sample.
Overall: 3.5 Corks


  1. T. Noebel says

    I definitely drink more white wine this time of year. Even enjoyed a moscato this past weekend (RVA had mid 70’s weather). I continue to try Roses but I keep having mixed experiences.

    • says

      Mid-70’s is the perfect weather for opening up a moscato! I’ve actually had mixed experiences with Rosé wines, as well. But, I do keep trying.

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