Extra! Extra! Read All About it! Palate Press Launched Today!

The online wine world is buzzing with today’s launch of Palate Press: The Online Wine Magazine. The concept behind Palate Press is to provide an online wine magazine that has content written by the best wine writers on the Internet. While the staff list is a who’s who from the wine blogosphere, contributors are not limited to bloggers. In fact, there are traditional wine writers, winemakers, retailers, etc. that are part of the project.

David Honig, the creator of Palate Press, wrote a wonderful Publisher’s Comment that explains his vision, as well as gives an over view of what readers can expect in the future. While I don’t have a submission for this inaugural release, Palate Press will be updating material at least once a week, so I plan on submitting posts for consideration. In the meantime, if you have a chance, I highly recommend visiting the website, as it has a lot to offer the wine world.

Best of luck to David and to the rest of the editors and contributors of Palate Press!

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