Bodegas Dinastía Vivanco at The Wine Academy of Spain’s DC Class

Our last tasting on the second day of The Wine Academy of Spain’s Spanish wine course was all beautiful wines from Bodegas Dinastía Vivanco. One of the employees of the winery was actually in the US looking for an American importer, so he joined us for 2 out of the 3 days. My understanding is that, unfortunately, as Dinastía Vivanco does not have an importer yet, the wines aren’t available for sale in the US, but they’re hoping to remedy this soon…and when they do, I encourage you to go buy a bottle. If you’re elsewhere in the world, go look for the wines now. The wines were wonderful both in taste and in price.

Obviously, there was some self-promotion happening and, as students, we were a captive audience, but what Dinastía Vivanco had to offer was worth hearing. Apparently, they’re not only a winery, but also a museum of wine culture and a foundation dedicated to the research and promotion of wine. The facilities include a tasting room, a restaurant, a conference center, and a wine shop. During the discussion of Dinastía Vivanco’s wines, we saw a video that had some interesting footage from inside the museum. Apparently, the museum, which covers both Rioja and general wine culture, has the largest exhibition of corkscrews in the world.

Tasting #8 on Day 2
Bodegas Dinastía Vivanco

4 Corks
Dinastía Vivanco Crianza (winery, snooth)
$17 (suggested retail)
100% Tempranillo
Medium-to-deep ruby
Cherry, strawberry, smoke, cedar, and a little bit of meat on the nose
Cherry, strawberry, cedar, and a little bit of earth and dust in the mouth
Medium-to-high tannins and acidity
Medium body

4.5 Corks
2008 Vivanco – White Rioja (winery, snooth)
$12 (suggested retail)
80% Viura, 20% Malvasia
Pale lemon
Apple, apricot, floral, and dried rose petals with a touch of mango on the nose
Granny smith apple, nectarine, and mango, with a touch of minerals in the mouth
Crisp acidity

2004 Dinastía Vivanco Reserva (winery, snooth)
$25 (suggested retail)
90% Tempranillo, 10% Graciano
Medium-to-deep ruby
Black pepper, blackberries, cedar, smoke, and tobacco on the nose
Nice fruit mixed with smokey, earthiness in the mouth
Medium tannins, acidity, and body

2005 Colección Vivanco (winery, snooth)
70% Tempranillo (from Rioja Alta), 15% Graciano (from Rioja Baja), 10% Garnacha, 5% Mazulo
Deep purple with a bluish rim
Strawberry, blackberry, licorice, coffee, leather, and smoke on the nose
Plums, berries, earth, and leather in the mouth
Medium-to-high tannins, high acidity, and medium body
Very complex, with a long finish
Described as a “Modern Rioja”

*This is the first vintage of this wine. Each variety is one of the 4 traditional grapes from Rioja. The harvest and fermentation of each is done separately, so the blending of the wine takes place immediately before bottling.

As you can tell from the empty wine bottles, the 30 of us taking the course had a great second day of wine tasting!


  1. Robert McIntosh says

    Hi Alleigh

    thanks for the great notes. You'll be glad to hear that Dinastia Vivanco have now found a US importer and will be available via Opici Import Company (I'll let you search for them rather than leave a link)

    Hope to have lots more of these wines on your shores in the near future


  2. Alleigh says

    Robert–I can't tell you how glad I am to hear that Dinastia Vivanco has a US importer, as I was clearly a fan of the wines we tasted. I will start asking my LWS if they intend to carry any.

    Thanks for the tip!

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