American Wine Blog Award Winners at the WBC09

I was initially hoping to post about my experiences at the 2nd Annual Wine Bloggers’ Conference as I was experiencing them, but between the Internet connection problems at the hotel, my dying laptop, and my being slightly overwhelmed by the whole experience, those updates only made their way onto Twitter. Since then, I’ve been a little slow to write-up my experiences. Partly, the delay is due to my having learned and experienced so much that I’m still trying to organize my notes and thoughts; partly, the delay is due to my coming back to a ton of work; and partly, the delay is due to my having to cull through over 1000 pictures from the 3-day event. However, I’m ready to end my silence and to start sharing.

With that in mind, this post is solely about recognizing the 2009 American Wine Blog Award winners. As you may know, in an effort to draw attention to the best in the Wine Blogosphere, Tom Wark from Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog created and has organized the American Wine Blog Awards for the last three years. As the awards have grown in popularity, Tom actually is handing over the reigns of these awards, but not before the wine bloggers at the WBC09 had a chance to recognize Tom and the 2009 American Wine Blog Award winners for their contributions to the world of wine.

As with many “award shows,” the 2009 Wine Blog Award winners had a few moments to give an acceptance speech. As a sign that we were among a tech-savy group, the speeches were given not only in person by the recipient or by designees of the winners, but also over iPhones by one winner who was stuck in traffic and through video by another winner who wasn’t able to make the conference.

Here are a few highlights from those speeches…

Best Wine Writing on a Blog &
Best Overall Blog

Best Graphics

Best Single Subject Blog
(Lenn was not there to accept the award, so Hardy Wallace from Dirty South Wine and winner of the Really Goode Job at MurphyGoode Winery shared Lenn’s thoughts with the group)

Best Business/Industry Blog

Best Winery Blog
Benchland Blog | MichelSchlumberger Wine Estate
Judd, one of the authors behind Benchland Blog, was stuck in traffic and unable to accept his award in person. However, that didn’t stop him, as Tom Wark held an iPhone up to the mic, this way we could all hear Judd’s acceptance speech.

Best Wine Review Blog

If you haven’t had a chance to check out these blogs, I highly recommend them.
Congratulations again to the 2009 American Wine Blog Award winners!


  1. el jefe says

    You did the right thing. You had the chance to interact directly with everyone, so it's time to "put down the computer and no one gets hurt." Cheers!

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