A Nice Chilean Pinot

Hubby and I went away for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday weekend to celebrate our 4-year wedding anniversary, and the hardest part about going away, even for a long weekend, is going back to work when the vacation is over.  Forgetting the need to ease back into work, I stacked my Tuesday with meetings, which meant that I had to dive right back into things.  It was better in that it made the day go very quickly, but it also left me very little time to catch up on the back log of emails and phone calls. Plus, since I was still recovering from our whirlwind trip, I tried not to stay late, figuring the work would be waiting for me on Wednesday.

2009 Chilensis Pinot Noir Reserve

When I walked in the door of our condo, Hubby made us take a quick trip to the grocery store because there was no food in the house.  The reward for not being able to just relax was that he made hot dogs and tater tots for dinner, an unhealthy luxury that almost never appears on the menu anymore.

2009 Chilensis Pinot Noir Reserve (snooth) had a medium-to-dark ruby color and was a touch cloudy.  On the nose, there were blueberries, black cherries, and a touch of earthiness.  In the mouth, there were blueberries, cherries, and a touch of baking spice and earth.  The wine had a light-to-medium body, low tannins, and low acidity.

Is this worth a glass after work? Sure…you won’t be drinking anything out of the ordinary, but you’ll have a decent, reliable glass of wine. At $10 this wine was average.  The light body, tannins, and acidity were definitely reminiscent of a Pinot Noir, but the other characteristics felt a little out of place…not bad, necessarily, just not what I was expected.  The wine actually paired well with the hot dogs, so it might be a good summer cookout choice.  On it’s own, though, it just wasn’t quiet hitting the mark for me.

Price: I purchased it as part of a Groupon, but normally it retails for $10
Purchased at: Schneider’s of Capitol Hill
Overall: 3 Corks

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