A Little Bragging & A Big Welcome…

For those of you that may have missed my Tweets and Facebook posts, on Friday, I was written up in Snooth’s “What We’ve Been Reading” column.  I didn’t know about it before hand, so it was a fun surprised to open the Snooth newsletter and see my caricature.  I emailed Hubby and a number of my girlfriends almost immediately.  It was quite the exciting Friday.  I’m currently on the front page of Snooth’s website, but I won’t be there for long.  If you missed the article, you can find it here.  Thank you to the folks at Snooth for reading my blog, and even more for such a nice review!

I’d also like to welcome all of my new readers, since I know a number of you found me through Snooth!  Regardless of whether you’re just stopping by or if you plan to stick around for a while, it’s nice to have you as a reader.  Some of you have already started emailing, commenting on the blog, and posting on my Facebook page, which is wonderful.  I am responding as quickly as I can, so please keep it up!  For the rest of you, please don’t be shy.  I love to hear what you think of wines I’ve reviewed, to know what you’re drinking, and to try to answer any questions.

With that, I’ll raise a glass to all of you…thanks for stopping by! Cheers—

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