Mailbag Monday: Passover Wine Post?

Dear Alleigh:
Before Pesach are you going have a list of your favorites for that week?

Hi Bob…

I’ve actually started thinking about the wines I want to include in my “Top Kosher Wines” post before Pesach, and I expect to post it either late next week or early the week of the 26, this way everyone has a couple of weeks to find the wines before the first Seder.  So, stay tuned!

I’ve also just starting putting together the list of new wines I want to taste this year, so that I can blog about all kosher wines throughout the holiday.  So, if any readers have kosher wine recommendations, please send them my way!  I expect to start buying this year’s wines sometime next week, and I always like to try wines that other people have enjoyed.

Thanks for stopping by.  Cheers!

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