A Storybook With Vampires

2007 Storybook Mountain Vineyards Eastern Exposure Zinfandel

Sunday was one of those unfortunate days where I spent much of my day off working.  I thought last week would be the end of my crazy work schedule, but Friday before I left work, an unexpected issue came up, and suddenly Sunday turned into almost a full 8-hour workday.  By the time the evening came around, I was exhausted and looking forward to an evening of cuddling on the couch with Hubby while watching the one TV show that we watch together, our embarrassing guilty pleasure—True Blood.

The 2007 Storybook Mountain Vineyards Eastern Exposure (winery, snooth) was a dark, vibrant purple.  On the nose, there was a spiced berry jam, reminiscent of Hostess fruit pie filling. In the mouth, there were blueberries, blackberries, cooking spices, and a hint of strawberries and flower petals.  The wine had high acidity, high alcohol, medium tannins, and a medium body.

Is this worth a glass after work? Definitely!  If you see this wine in the store, grab it; you won’t be disappointed. At $45, this wine is on the pricey end, but worth the cost.  It paired perfectly with Hubby’s steamed shrimp spiced with Old Bay seasoning, while also holding its own through a steamy night with Vampire Bill, Eric Northman, and Sookie Stackhouse.  The bad things on True Blood are right out of a novel, but only good things were coming from the bottle of Storybook.  And both were incredibly enjoyable and exactly what I need at the end of a long Sunday before the start of a busy week.

Overall: 4 Corks

A Storybook Day & A Storybook Wine

My second week had a phenomenal start.On Tuesday morning, I was sitting in my office, listening to my favorite NY radio station on the Internet, drinking my coffee, reading the morning work news, and loving my job.Sure, things were crazy (the rapidly approaching holidays, a special condo board meeting that night, my project deadline looming at the end of the week, deliverables for my school group project due Thursday night, and the final term paper for my class due Monday), but I felt good.I only belong to one wine club—Storybook Mountain Vineyards—and I was able to pick-up the latest shipment before heading home.When I walked into the condo, still glowing from the fact that my commute is 10-15 minutes shorter every day, I couldn’t help but gush about everything to Hubby before collapsing on the couch with a glass of wine. Could life be any better?

The 2006 Storybook Mountain Vineyards Estate Reserve Zinfandel (vineyard) was a deep ruby with a garnet rim.The wine smelled like a warm, baking spice cabinet, mixed with big, juicy blackberries and blueberries.There was also a hint of mulch and earth.In the mouth, there were nice spices and berries, but they were mixed with prunes.The wine had high acidity and medium tannins.

Is this worth a glass after work? Eh…if you have a bottle on hand, drink it, but I wouldn’t go searching it out either. At $35, I was expecting lusciousness like I found in the 2007 Storybook Mountain Vineyards Mayacamas Range.Instead, the 2006 Estate Reserved tasted more like prune juice and less like jammy goodness.I hate to say this, but this wine was a bit of a disappointment.If you’re looking for a great Zin from Storybook Mountain, a I do mean a GREAT Zin, skip over this one and grab their 2007 Mayacamas Range; it will be everything you want from a California Zinfandel…and more.

Price: $35
Purchased at Storybook Mountain Vineyards website
Overall: 2.5 Corks