Thinking Warm With A Summery Vouvray

I was one of those fortunate people who didn’t have to work between Christmas and New Year’s because my office was closed. I spent the week catching up on chores around the condo, scrapbooking photos that are years old, and trying to stay warm in the uncharacteristically frigid DC weather. In an effort to “think warm,” I decided to open one of my favorite types of summer wine—a Vouvray.

The 2007 Charles Bove Vouvray (snooth) was 100% Chenin Blanc grapes with a nice, lemon color. On the nose, there were luscious fruit aromas—mostly nectarines, grapefruits, and pineapples with a touch of something floral. In the mouth, there were nectarines and pineapples, followed by surprisingly tart granny smith apples on the finish. The wine was very soft in the mouth, with a touch of oiliness, although the acidity kept the wine tasting fresh.

Is this worth a glass after work? Definitely! If you see this wine in the store, grab it; you won’t be disappointed. At $18, this is the type of wine that is fun to just sit and relax with, as its velvety smoothness is perfect for rolling around your tongue. Admittedly, just drinking my summer wine didn’t make me feel any warmer, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the Vouvray. The wine tasted like drinking a lightly sweetened fruit salad, but avoiding being too heavy because of a bright tartness that caused mouth puckering right on the finish. It would pair nicely with a salad or seafood, although, admittedly, I enjoyed most of the bottle all it on its own.

Overall 3.5 Corks

Happy 2010!! Cheers!!

One of My Favorites…2006 Rémy Pannier Vouvray

I admit it…the warm weather has given me Spring fever.  It’s even worse (or better) because my office space has a 20ft ceiling and a balcony with a 12ft door.  When the weather is nice, my 5 officemates and I leave the balcony door open, so all day we get a warm breeze, smell the spring air, hear the city bustle, and at least comfort ourselves about being inside by breathing the fresh air.  The weather earlier this week was particularly warm for the DC area, so I couldn’t help but long for Spring to be here. What better way to celebrate the nice weather than with my favorite warm-weather white wine?

I first learned about Vouvray from a Food & Wine Magazine article about summer white wines.  At the time, I knew very little about wine, but I was intrigued by the idea of a white wine that was being touted by people who normally favored the character of red wine.  So, on my first trip to the store after reading the article, I grabbed my first Vouvray—the Rémy Pannier.  While the particular producer wasn’t mentioned in F&W’s article, it turned out to be a perfect pick, and it has remained a staple in my white wine collection.  It’s because of this that it’s no surprise that this was the wine I opened to start of the warm weather season.

Vouvray is located in France’s Loire Valley, and the grapes are almost entirely Chenin Blanc.  The 2006 Rémy Pannier Vouvray has a beautiful, clear gold color.  The nose is full of citrus and green apple. There is flowery perfume smell that is thankfully not overpowering, but rather just a hint that follows behind the fruit and adds to the summery feel of the wine. 

The moment you put the wine in your mouth, it jumps off your tongue in way that almost tickles.  The wine brings a crisp feel to your mouth and has a nice apple taste that is followed by the sweetness of honey and a touch of grass.  A second taste yields the pear flavor that is touted on the bottle’s label, and the general citrusy smell develops into a sweet, ripe grapefruit.  The taste lingers in your mouth for a pleasurable medium-to-long finish. 

I haven’t had a glass of this wine since last fall, but it was as good and refreshing as I remembered.  This is not only a perfect bottle to open after work, but also a great option to bring with you to a BBQ, on a picnic, or anyplace where you will be sitting around enjoying the weather, the company, and the wine. It’s an all-around delightful bottle of wine, and for just under $10, you can’t beat the price.