Attention Whore Alert: A Glass After Work on Fermentation

There are certain things that have happened within the wine blogging world that have made me feel like I’ve arrived—being asked to sample a wine, having a winemaker follow-up with me about a review…and, now, being reviewed on Tom Wark’s Fermentation.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Tom is not only a well-respected blogger in his own right, but also the leader in recognizing the work of other wine bloggers. That is in addition to his being a well-known figure on the public relations side of the wine industry. That is why I was shocked, humbled, and, quite honestly, giddy when my Google Reader updated to show that A Glass After Work was featured on Fermentation. It’s always nice to be recognized by others, particularly someone like Tom, who I have a tremendous amount of respect for. So, Tom, thank you for visiting my site and for giving it such a wonderful write-up!


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