A Syrah for Olive Lovers

2013 Piedrasassi Syrah -- This is a wine for the olive lover! At $35, it's a bit pricey, but perfect for a romantic night in front of a crackling fire or paired with good conversation and a delicious cheese and charcuterie board. Rating = 4 out of 5 corks | AGlassAfterWork.com

2013 Piedrasassi Syrah

Happy New Year! I’m clearly a bit behind in blogging, and while I’ve decided to mostly start fresh in 2016 because I know I’ll never truly catch up, there are a couple wines and beers I don’t want to miss sharing with you, so please excuse my hanging onto the holidays for a little longer.

2013 Piedrasassi Syrah corkOn Christmas Eve, Hubby and I ended up staying home. The long story made very short is I’ve had some health issues (I will be fine!), so the doctor has put me on a very strict, short term diet (it’s the low-FODMAP elimination diet, although I suspect that I will always look to eat low-FODMAP foods going forward). Thankful, I’m still allowed one glass of wine or beer a day. However, because of these restrictions, we thought it was better to stay in and cook rather than risk my getting sick from eating something accidentally that is on the “avoid” list. With the weather being an unusual 70-degrees in DC, Hubby decided to grill burgers–so he modified his special recipe for me, bought our favorite soft applewood smoked cheddar, and roasted rosemary potatoes while I opened up a bottle of wine I’d been eager to try.

2013 Piedrasassi Syrah

2013 Piedrasassi Syrah

The 2013 Piedrasassi Syrah (winery) is from Central Coast, California. The wine had a deep inky purple color. On the nose, there were blackberries mixed with earth and hints of black pepper, cinnamon, and leather. In the mouth, there was olive tapenade mixed with blackberries, leather, and hints of cinnamon and black pepper. The wine had a full body, medium tannins, and medium acid.

Is this worth a glass after work? At $35, it is a bit pricey for an everyday wine, but you should definitely open a bottle if you’re a fan of olive tapenade. I, unfortunately, am not. This was one of those rare times where I recognized the great quality of the wine, but I just couldn’t drink it. I dislike olives, in general, and while I occasionally will eat olive tapenade, I do it very sparingly. This wine was all about the olives, which was too much for me.

So, recognizing that this wine wasn’t my style, I still think it was worth searching out. It’s small production, with only 480 cases available, and it offers something very different that makes it worth the price point…if olives are your thing. It’s the type of wine that would be great on a cold night in front of a crackling fire or with a cheese and Charcuterie board and good conversation.

Question of the Day: Have you ever had a wine that you recognize was good quality, but just really disliked it yourself? Did you end up drinking it anyway or did you dump it out? Have you tired any of the Piedrassassi wines?

Price: $35
Purchased at DCanter: A Wine Boutique
Overall: 4 Corks


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    I am definitely *not* an olive fan, either, but I hope some olive lovers find this recommendation! Two wine bloggers who don’t like olives is quite unusual!

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    Hmm… I wonder if my husband would like this one. He loves olives, but I don’t know if he would like them in a wine. Could be interesting to find out. I like olives, but prefer them in salads or snacks, not so much in wine. And, yes, I can absolutely relate to a wine being great quality, but not to my tastes. I have that happen sometimes with Gamay, which is super popular in the Ontario wine scene, often not to my tastes. Typically, I’ll try the wine and then leave it for hubby if I know it’s a personal taste issue (he will often love a wine I’m not fond of), but if neither of us likes it we let it go.
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    I am not a big fan of olives, too salty for my taste, but had that wine once and I enjoyed it. It goes really well with a nice piece of read meat (Beef or Lamb).

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      I have to admit that I’ve been surprised about how many people are with me on not being olive fans…I thought I was fairly unusual with that. I think the olive flavors had me thinking more about a charcuterie board with prosciutto, but I can definitely see where this wine would go really well with nicely roasted lamb chops or grilled steak.
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