July 2014 Instagram Roundup (includes WBC14 exclusives)

July 2014 Instagram WBC14 Special1) Arrived at the 2014 Wine Bloggers’ Conference and my first grapes of the trip #WBC14
2) You know you’re in California when there is a Tesla charging station at the Santa Ynez Marriott!
3) Fantastic night at Sanford Winery:

4) Bridlewood Estate Winery casks
5) WBC14 post-conference excursion to Bridlewood Estate Winery

  •  Me on the grounds of Bridlewood Estate Winery
  •  Bridlewood Estate Winery’s Reserve Viognier, one of the few Viognier I love
  •  Wine aging in casks at Bridlewood Estate Winery
  •  The WBC14 Conference panel discussion sustainable farming in the Bridlewood cellar
  •  A Bridlewood Estate Winery cement egg used to age their Chardonnay


July 2014 Instagram Part 2 and halfDay 2 at WBC14 … It’s a wine blogger’s paradise: fantastic seminars, food, & #wine

July 2014 Instagram Part 21) My Starr Hill Pils while at Wolf Trap
2) Starting the NYC tourist morning off right at the Carnegie Deli
3) My July 2014 Birch Box
4) Poperings Hommel Bier, which is a Belgian IPA
5) Beer tasting at Mad Fox Brewery — Cask Defender APA, Kellerbier Kolsch, Orange Whip IPA, and Maneuver IPA


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