Fall 2018 VineOh! Wine Club Unboxing & Giveaway Winners Announced

Hi wine friends…and Happy #WineWednesday! Today, I’m announcing the winners of “The Wave” giveaway, sharing a new wine-focused subscription box — Vine Oh! — and of course, tasting a 2015 Mad Love Cabernet Sauvignon with you!

Videos mentioned:
🍷 Trying PureWine’s “The Wave” on a Kosher Red Wine + GIVEAWAY
🍷 Rebecca Reviews’ YouTube Channel 

Wine mentioned in the video:
🍷2015 Mad Love Cabernet Sauvignon by VineOh! — $26, on sale for $15
🍷2016 Speechless Sauvignon Blanc by VineOh! — $22
🍷2016 Zinfandel by VineOh! — $26, on sale for $15

Products mentioned in the video:
🍷 VineOh! subscription box
🍷 PureWine’s “The Wave” filter and aerator
🍷 Simply Charmed Magnetic Wine Charms, Zombie set of 6
🍷Brownlow Gifts Neoprene Drink Sleeve — $6
🍷Mixture Sugar Balm Scrub — $36
🍷Trapp Candles 50-Hour Mediterranean Fig Candle — $29
🍷 Dutch House Caramels — $5
🍷 A Day In The Life Planner — $12

Questions of the Day:

  1. Do you think of wine clubs that send proprietary wine as giving you exclusive bottles or do you prefer wine clubs where you can find the wines at other stores (either online or brick & mortar)?
  2. Do you think the VineOh! Wine Club shipment was worth the $60 per box?

A Red Wine Meant For Cookouts: WA5 Locations Wine

Hi everyone, and Happy #WineWednesday! Today, I’m tasting the WA5 Locations Wine by Dave Phinney, which is a red wine blend from Washington State. I previewed this wine a few months ago when I unboxed a shipment of samples and tasted the E5, which was a red wine from Spain. (You can find that video here: https://youtu.be/WTqtRkDHygU)

The idea behind Dave Phinney’s Locations Wine is to make the best wine from a country or region that expresses the place’s sense of location. All the wines are $20, and come from high-quality vineyards, run by forward-thinking growers working with old vines.

Links to the videos that were mentioned:

The wine mentioned in the video was the WA5, a red wine blend from Washington State, USA — $20

Question of the Day: Have you ever tried one of the Locations wines? If so, which ones and what did you think?

Soirée-ing Shiraz

Hi everyone, and Happy #WineWednesday!  Today, I’m opening a 2013 St. Mary’s Winery Shiraz, which I received in my March 2018 #GaryVeeWineClub shipment, and testing out my new Soiree Wine Aerator.


The wine mentioned in the video was the 2013 St. Mary’s Shiraz — $35

The Soiree wine aerator on Amazon can be found here (It’s an affiliate link).

My March 2018 unboxing, which included the 2013 St. Mary’s Shiraz, can be found on YouTube here.

Question of the Day: Do you use a Soirée or other wine aerator?  Which one and what do you think about it? 

Bordeaux-style Whites & Rhône-style Reds from Nottingham Cellars & Vasco Urbano Wine Company

Hi everyone, and Happy #WineWednesday!  IThis week, I’m sharing my May 2018 Nottingham Cellars and Vasco Urbano Wine Company wine club shipments as well as tasting the 2017 Nottingham Cellars Chardonnay from the Karl Wente Vineyard.  Cheers!


The Nottingham Cellars & Vasco Urbano Wine Company wine clubs send shipments 4 times a year — February, May, August, November – and there are 12, 6, and 3-bottle membership options.  The monthly cost depends on the wines included in the shipment, but usually it ranges from $95-$130.

The wines mentioned were:

Question of the Day: Do you tend to prefer the Bordeaux varieties, like those from Nottingham Cellars, or the Rhône varieties, like those from Vasco Urbano Wine Company?

June and July 2018 Gary Vee Wine Club

Hi everyone! Today, I’m sharing my June and July Gary Vee Wine Club shipments, and tasting the 2014 Esser Cab that came in July’s box. Cheers! The Gary Vee Wine Club is a monthly shipment of wine for only $55 a month. Depending on the month, you receive 1, 2, 3, or 4 bottles. The June 2018 shipment included 1 wine red wine from Italy. The July 2018 shipment included 3 wines from the US – two whites and one red.

The #GaryVeeWineClub is run through Wine Library.  The wines mentioned were:

Questions of the Day: 

  1. Do you use Vivino or another wine app to rate/keep track of your wine thoughts?
  2. What are your summer cookout wine go-tos?